Saturday, November 30, 2013

Paradox in Paradigm

I was told that  I was cut from the cloth of Mark Twain by a friend. and  I certainly took that as a compliment.

To see theory into practice here is a hornet’s nest of Satanists who feel they need to be voted proven to one and other (mind you the paradigm)  all if not most claim LaVey or independent philosophical in their stance.  
The bitter irony of this discourse (outside from previous engagements or my video commentary) is I am not a member of this group EVER.  
The LHP paradigm (to me anyways)  is about individuality ,materialism, personal evolution, Gain etc. yet here is a post showing the opposite by example  within that post.
I did have a video commenting conflicts of said groups and persons with in such groups (which may initially triggered such a response) yet here I am a topic on a blog with the most responses (or top 5 ) to a collective of individuals in a social group . Yet the irony still stands
Post :


Being the adversary to the adversarial ?  or simple trolling  not much difference they are a bit fun poking with a stick though.

Such sensitive asses the butthurt have eh?  
I will admit some points or observations have been stated and noted for future manifestation so this discourse is developmental for my benefit opinions and rants aside. 
When a small collective (or short bus) of people want to poop on your parade you can always turn the tables and plant a garden with their fertilizer .
As Dave of the Church of Dave once said don’t let the Bastards bring you down.
Be Well 
Ronald French

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Now Work It !

If you have the ability to make being hated work for you . . .
Then work it!

Otherwise the haters would have no stimuli .