Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Things one hears

Apparently there is a rumor of me stalking some girl that rejected my romantic advances being passed around the way side here on FB and outside FB ... Yeah a name was named and by more than a few people.
With 74 screen pics of this girl professing her love and anal sex since last July to this Oct 2015 I wonder how this will transpire in the public opinion arena? We all love a Circus don't we? 

People forget I have a code and regardless of dirty tricks by supportive minions may want to play its difficult to dispute me especially when it's her face, phone number, date, and time stamp to all texts I received and since it was through my google voice there is an email back up copy too nicely put in a folder with this persons name . 

I am sure this person has nothing to do with this and I hope she does the right thing otherwise the truth as I discovered a bit late will come out all mentioned and unmentioned 

Until then I am sipping my moonshine and enjoying the weekend!
Made public for all eyes