Thursday, March 3, 2016

House of Psychics

I have a story to tell you should you decide to work as a psychic for the House of Psychics owned by Crystal Garcia aka (Krystal Madison)
When I Ronald French worked with (KM) on the Facebook page House of Psychics   I would forward (HOP) page emails to (KM).  Crystal Garcia seemed to be a bit lackluster in her role (same time she was promoting her Halloween event) hence my personal involvement.
I came across a letter of complaint on Oct 4 2015 which I sent (KM) (See enclosed pic #1)

The person complaining had a legitimate complaint but it was her second one on Oct 12 2015 that peaked my interest (See enclosed pic #2).

Crystal’s response letter was sent over to me to proof before sending to the complaining psychic. (See enclosed pic #3)

 In contradiction of (KM’s) letter being sent to the complaining psychic I have now included my account screen pic ( That’s right I held an account with the House of Psychics) that will prove Crystal Garcia’s (KM’s) statement to be a bold face lie.  Additionally  not only does the House of Psychics have an email account outside from the Facebook page there was a contact phone number as well (which has changed due to {KM & myself legal battles}) .

Should you want to business with, work for, or even associate with Krystal Madison, Crystal Garcia or whatever she seems to want to call herself these days that is up to you.   Just consider yourself  forewarned and forearmed.
Best of Wishes
Ronald French