Friday, September 19, 2014

Christian Day the Forest Gump of Witchcraft . . .

Christian Day the Forest Gump of Witchcraft . . . by RevRonald4u


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Circle of Wolves and their downward sprial....

I had recently done a vlog about how a witch did a post on inciting negative energy from people of her posting  an aborted fetus and how not only the irony but  hypocrisy of her paradigm through my observation.

In my first initial posting I included the links of said aborted fetus in which I feel people may have seen prior to my commentary about it or simply did not see my video at all and some complained about my video and or my posting all together. 
I belonged to a network of about six groups called Circle of Wolves which was about exchanging thoughts and ideas One particular Admin like many other groups I belong to  usually keep me for my controversial ways of thought provoking posts this time the soft hearted and minded seem to prevail in her absence,,,,

So this Admin of the Circle of Wolves contacted me

After I read this I tried to go to any of the COW (Circle of Wolves sites on facebook)  and found I was banned from them  ALL of Them   ... yep kicked out.   So I made a post drawing the attention of one of the admin who usually stands up for diversity in her group .

Then I found out something about my friend Tami by her husband ........
So the only proponent of objective thought is out of commission and now the very stance and thought exchange environment is now in a downward spiral in exchange for  conventional Fluffy Bunny non realistic fantasy world group.   SIGH

So now after my initial post about this situation I get another PM (private message ) from one of the admin again .... then she blocked me just after she sent me this message  .... REALLY?  WEAK Sauce ...

maybe just maybe one hand does not know the other hand is doing or simply Daniel Bolly just has her head up her  ass ....

Weak mindedness is everywhere especially if they feel they need to change the content of a post while ignoring its context.

Now I am over it  with full disclosure

Ronald French