Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Watch for me.......!

So MY ex gets on the stand and tells the judge my screenshots are fake.
As a rebuttal 3 days ago I unblocked her so I may retrieve our Facebook correspondence. Complete screen pics with EVERYTHING shared between her and I in a new file. Now when released for public consumption she will have to with back peddle her stance on how I got those pics she sent.
In short it gave me open licence to publish or face the same judge for perjury.
This like reblocking her will take place in 48 Hours.
#theforrestgumpofwitchcraft file already submitted. Torrents next look for Krystal Madison unedited!
#krystalmadison walked in deep on this one #StarrAnnRavenHawk will be surprised that her star speaker shit talked her last year but hey doing favor for #christianday gets you that quality of people....
So watchout #ctcw And #OldManWinterFestival

Being a bad guy anyone can do. Eposing them is pure art form.

Watch for me!