Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Slight paradigm shift

So it has come to my attention that I have been in lackluster in my video production and other posts.  Considering my PCS (post concussed syndrome) I have dropped out almost completely from the public eye.  Fortunately my pcs has only effected certain math skills and spelling (spelling, yeah that is my story and I am sticking to it :P) . Also after reading and or writing 200-400 words I would get migraines so my active participation my have been days in the making for a  simple 30 minute  write up.  Aside from my ailments I am doing fine just unable to be productive in my career field.  Although  finding out and calling out the trash in the occult world comes second nature it unfortunately does not make an income ... lol

I am slowly getting back in the race again and with much to say and even radio interviews scheduled already !   I have been truly blessed with people willing to help /assist me at all levels and now I am able to start off where I left off just a little bit slower.  But this can be a good thing since writing and videos that takes 30 minutes to write/produce now takes 4 days  the quality may be even better  since I am no longer feeling rushed by life at the moment ..

One of the things I do notice is that many who follow my posts seem to remain quiet when I go on my campaigns and now looking back the wall is no longer about  "The World According to Rev. Ronald French" in fact it is cluttered with my campaigns like a subway wall tagged with fliers.  So with some creative thinking I found a method to post these campaigns on their own separate blogs with their focus and meanwhile Preaching my humanistic message of the self here as intended.
Those who are still around to read this thanks for sticking around and as for those new to my blogs and my YouTube channel(s) Welcome ....I have such sights to show you ......