Friday, December 27, 2013

Correspondence with Dan Dread ( Daniel MacDonald )


Don't you ever get tired of rambling on about shit you don't understand?

"I've been a satanist a long time. see, I wore a Pentagram in highschool"!

What a nice fashion accessory Satanism must be for you......"


Obviously my impact to you sir is enough _________________________

No Ron, you mistake my purpose.

you have no purpose. You yourself have stated you would not dumb down your linguistics (for example) at chat for others yet you and NagaShiva both seem to ramble on seemingly big fish small pond making me think how do you both order a cheese burger with out your pretentious dissertation ?  You must be a comedian you are truly funny like Adam West batman funny.

I exist, here, mostly to counter the rhetoric of what I like to call 'housenigger satanists'.  Yet your presents here at 600 club is noted at other venues calling the 600 club the dump.  perhaps it is more self reflection on your part . 

Housenigger Satanists are the guys, like you, that engage the public in an effort to apologize for what we are and what we do.
You are nothing do nothing and have accomplished nothing  so If I apologize to the public I guess you are right. Application is key (IMO) and all I see is a circle of chairs with people with smoking jackets attempting to do one uppance upon one another yet cannot measure up in the real world.    Satan(ism) is more than talk, pomp and gander. It is a reflection of paradigm and by its example.

 Your mission is acceptance and tolerance,
No it is not. Tolerance through education is my Church's paradigm separate from my own I am not my church yet so many people like you and other with limited reading,views, and research look at the cover not the book that is plainly written before you . I expect no less from you or your cohorts.

which can only come at the expense of what makes this memeplex a valuable tool. People like you are roaches, Ron.

We are entitled to our opinions and for the record I find it funny how smart people think they are and achieve very little. Yet I have worked with PHD MDs with one or five PHDs be more level headed in thought and discussion. More so funny I find myself in discussion with people who do succeed within their paradigm and have no need to talk down to others when after all are the reflection of what they do and study.  yet I watched you and several other "the smart ones"  act like armchair quarterbacks the do nothings and expect all the respect in the world for the little to no accomplishments they can reflect on .   Damn Danny time to hang yourself you are truly the loser in this picture. 

See you on your next pass at houseniggerizing some shit.

Hmmm I will send you some rope if you cant afford any .