Tuesday, October 14, 2014

HEX Salem Massachusetts The Downward Spiral in public trust

Ever been caught in a lie ?
Have you ever denied the lie to either save face or bury that indiscretion of what you said or wrote ?

Integrity is a funny thing if you have a track record of fucking up and very little has been done to call you out on it guess what happens by your act of nature ?   You become habitual in your behavior .

Though this may not seem life or death understand the pattern of where Christian day has been and heading with lies , bullying , threatening , and manipulation .

Ask yourself is this who you want to support, buy from , Read your Future, or worst have in your life?    Many people are still friends with Christian Day new and old . This is a reminder that even Hitler had friends to the end.

Enclosed the Christian Day's moral compass or lack thereof and a simple lie caught via time lines shown.

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New world witchery said...

To hurt someone I have seen CD threaten to fire someone who was completely innocent they were just a friend of the person he wanted to get at.