Friday, March 20, 2015

When you live in a glass house for every stone thrown three come back!

I just had a nice phone call with Reap Paden (Its his Birthday today 20 Mar 2015) .  The reason why he called me was the copious amounts of bullshit that was told to him about me.

To start off yeah I am friends with people who I used to debate with .  That being said it was mentioned that I was teamed up with or helping one friend get over the other (Reap) ,   Truth be told no.  I did however mention my campaign against a Woman Hating Warlock out or Salem MA / NOLA.  The difference is I post the screen pics of said Warlock.   The other friend fore mentioned is Tom Raspotnik a person who through his own tenacity discovered my resiliency and both (Tom and I) have an amicable friendship via the web. 

    As I told Tom I told Reap I will remain impartial in fact I am grabbing my lawn chair and popping popcorn  for this show.    As Tom is what Tom does so is Reap in what Reap does. Rather than an unstoppable force meeting with an unmovable object I get to bear witness to two forces clash with polar opposite strategies… Truly a mind chess game worth taking notes.  With this analogy can you see why it would be advantageous to step aside and let these two have it out in the public playing fields?
What does it mean to be a Satanist ?
In my Campaign with Christian Day I stand alone and have a flux of supporters and detractors.  That is fine with me I am doing this to market Christian Day to make him more famous however, not in the way he may want it.  Again I do this alone.     A mutual friend of Tom and I was being bullied and harassed by Christian Day which makes why Reap called me.  It Seems Christian Day felt an enemy of my enemy is my friend when Tom stood up for his friend and went after Christian through his usual means Christian Day had run to Reap for assistance and since Tom and Myself are (were) tied to this mutual lady  friend Christian Day felt he should go for the bakers dozen and put my name in the pot of bad people doing bad things.      Reap handles his own shit on his own as well even as for going and videotaping his activism when he does it.  And as for Tom . . . for a man who travels for a living also goes and gets things done in a personal level.
Satanists can be solitary people  yet can network out when they need to  with that being said should two of the Left Hand Path seemingly not get along it is up to them to hash it out…  not building armies to do battle in a field do to over blown egos or antics.    Yet what has transpired here has shown some that call themselves “Warlock” would rather not have their hands dirty and have others do their dirty work while they come out looking innocent of any misdoings that they have manifested. 
Mr. Three Fold ,Mr.Karma ,  & the Wizard I have been called by many people who support my campaign in dealing with Christian Day.   So here is a fun fact once Reap and I discussed things and his staunch stance against rape I invited Reap Paden to:  ChritianDaytheForrestGumpofWitchcraft

If Reap (Daniel) Paden is much of an activist that Christian Day has hoping  for I believe the saying goes quite nicely “When you live in a glass house don’t throw rocks” .  I am sure Christian Day will understand what it means by the Three Fold Law soon enough.  Especially when you try to use a stranger as a pawn to your game not knowing his background … really Christian?   Level of fucktardary is at an all-time high with you .

Time for me to pop another batch of popcorn get my lawn chair with my laptop and watch the show while I type up the material for the new Christian Day website I am building.
I have a funny feeling it is going to be a long and eventful year coming up !
Nice Try Christian ..... Nice Try

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