Wednesday, October 2, 2013


pagans hate me , Witches hate me , Satanists hate me, Arcturian Sirian Ascension Group definitely hate me, Druids hate me and I love them for it.
Why ?
The opposite of love is not hate its apathy . Hate is the yin to the yang if you care about what I am doing and lash out at me YOU CARE enough to lash out and focus your emotions at me.... nom nom nom ... I eat it up . Odd for some but lets face it many will support you with the pat in the back I rather the tomato thrower at least they are feeding me plus in either direction of the emotional spectrum they chose to expel their energy, attention,publicity on me. If you cannot ( or do not ) Hate me that is fine too I love those who support me BUT to hate me is frosting on the cake.

Though the above groups as a whole may not like or hate me there is about a good 3-7% of each that do .  I deal with its conflict as as time moves on and realize I no longer have the need to combat the haters ... I embrace them for their efforts because in real life they have no effect on my life and living. That is why I love them so well  they bare little threat to me , my org, my company , my social life.  As Kat Williams says "you can measure up your life by the haters you bring in". 
To my haters :
Thank you !

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