Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Phone Call to Tom Eric Raspotnik . . .

Well I finally called up my former antagonist.    I was curious as to why so many people wanted to recruit me to "their cause" to side with them to go after him ?  So about an hour later with both of us laughing about issues past and current drama unfolding the only insight I could and would bring to light and offer is what I have already said.
Do your own thing and keep doing it.  Since 2009 I have and I am still here.  Already one group (organized and filed mind you ) has disbanded.
By playing some one else's game not yours you will loose as the "House" always win.
Since my call an established olive branch has been transcended between Tom Erik Raspotnik  and myself.  Though this does not make us best of friends this is to let TER and others where I stand.
I personally Stand and Stand Alone between any conflict regarding TER and others especially in dealings with any person or persons from Tampa.

Since I have been pulled to one side on this matter curiosity had made me call the 'otherside'.  And quite frankly I am now more confident in being in the Sidelines. Irony of the conversation Tom Agreed in my observations.
No confidence has been divulged nor will I divulge Toms confidence.  The conflict between parties is theirs and theirs alone.  NOT MINE .  Hence my call to Tom Eric Raspotnik.

Thanks for thinking of me though even if you have so only in conflict and in time of "need” this I find complimentary and yet cannot help feel like being used.    I stood alongside Sin Jones in her conflict with TER when they debuted in their conflict with each other.  Though She had handled her own completely I have publically shown my support in her direction I have known Alison since 2006.  Now complete strangers expect the same from me?
Those who think that way have a long time waiting since I have no true alliance towards them or direction more so it troubles me to think how other can think that way. .  . ODD isn't it .

I certainly hope the parties who have attempted to recruit me take my advise as so far.  However, Emotional fervor seems to take over logic.

Be well
Ronald French

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